dzInspect - Digital Inspection Software

An advanced solution to help you manage and take control of inspections on production shop floor

A step towards digital transformation

With rapidly changing technologies and compliance requirements, it becomes necessary for companies to adapt to new technologies and take a step towards digital transformation.

You cannot completely automate assembly of complex parts, which require human efforts. Instead, you can make the process streamlined by digitizing your paper based forms ,checklists or work instructions and collect real-time information related to parts or processes, at your finger tips.

Why dzInspect?

Digital inspection solution from MetEQ dzInspect helps you take control of your shop floor inspections like Layered process Audits [LPAs], Internal audits as per IATF 16949, ISO 9001 or any other Quality system. From scheduling to execution to approval and reporting, our centralized solution can help you achieve hassle free inspections like:

  • 5S Audit
  • Layered Process Audit [LPA]
  • ISO 9001:2015 Audit
  • Final Visual Inspection
  • Equipment Maintenance Audit
  • ISO 45001 Audit
  • Warehouse Audit
  • Gemba walk Audit
  • GMP Audit and many more

Schedule your inspections

Ensure timely inspections and on-time delivery by never missing any date. Get Email reminders on due dates and adhere to company’s inspection schedules.

Collect, Analyze and take Corrective actions

Digital checklists allows data to be collected in real-time and ensures that complete information is collected. Use of reference images and documents helps user to understand the requirements and ensure accuracy of data. You can get complete overview of your process by analyzing the data. Take corrective actions against non conformances to ensure customer satisfaction.

Improved quality and process standardization

Quality is one of the main differentiator among companies in today’s competitive market. Ensure product quality by detecting defects at early stages or by identifying bottlenecks in your process. Digital checklists are more standardized as compared to paper based system. Fields automatically gets updated based on your inputs, thus allowing seamless data collection.

Time savings and continuous improvement

Turning your paper based checklist into a digital form can help you save a lot of time in collecting and distributing the useful information. Your team would be able to work collaboratively and follow right SOPs. This will reduce the recurrence of defects and Cost of Quality, and thus, you can ensure continuous improvement.


  • Customized forms/ checklists
  • Email reminders and mobile notifications on due dates
  • Dropdowns for ease of data input
  • Provision for ‘mandatory’ fields to capture complete information
  • Attach images or documents for reference
  • Click picture of defects for better clarity
  • Pie charts, Bar graphs and many other for better insights of data
  • Offline data collection and Auto sync when connection available
  • Filter data based on multiple fields
  • Customized workflows based on requirements