Gage Crib Control, Calibration and Asset Management Software

User Friendly and Economical Solution

Key Benefits

MetEQ Gage software allows you to manage your shop floor assets with minimal cost. You can maintain production schedules and ensure delivery without worrying about missing/misplaced assets.

  • Manage all your gages using single repository
  • Track calibration schedule with history
  • Reduces cost
  • Improves productivity
  • Adding a asset in system was never so easy

Major Features

MetEQ Gage software allows you to manage gages, shop floor assets, monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations, generate calibration certificates and bar-coded labels and so much more with cost effective software.

  • Add as many as assets in system
  • Search, find, list all the gages in the database
  • Single click manage calibration
  • Track whereabouts of gage/asset, issue/return and usage
  • Calibration history is easily accessible
  • User configurable data fields in Calibration info
  • Generate printable detailed and customizable reports
  • Use multiple reference standards per test point
  • Attach images to assets
  • Customize your own reports with the built-in report designer
  • Administrator can control access to different users


You can use MetEQ Gage as a single user on one computer or multiple users on a local area network (LAN).

  • Installation on Windows Desktop
  • Single User or Multiple users across Shop Floor
  • Default database is MS Access. Your choice of Database (e.g. MySQL) can be configured
  • Our license is one time fee. No more annual subscriptions

Software Overview

Overdue Gages for Calibration
Find Gages
Edit or Add New Gage
Calibration of Gage
Gage Checkout
Gage Checkin

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Download free trial version. Free trial version is fully functional till 30 times usage.

Single Installation License

₹ 19,999/- ($ 275/-)

Plant License (Unlimited Installations)

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It Gets Even Better With Lightweight Add Ons

You can use some PC’s around the shop floor that the operators themselves can use to check out gages or asset, without going through the main Gage Control program. These Add-On software use the same database that the main Gage Control program uses. This way changes in either with be reflected in the other. Following Add Ons are offered by us.


  • Very easy to use program for the operators to check out their own gages
  • Display shows all active gages with Serial Number, Description and Type of gage/asset
  • Choose an operator name and gage/asset to be checked out
  • Easy to see icon indicating already checked out gage/asset
  • Shows the name of the operator that checked it out
  • Search/Filter box helps the operator to find the gage (s)he is looking for

Check In

  • A separate program is used for the Gage Check-In
  • Uses same database as Checkout software
  • This way you can have different PC’s around the shop for Check In and Check Out

Log Viewer

  • Use a central Gage Log database that a running log is saved every time a gage is checked in or checked out
  • A separate viewer program is available for viewing this log database
  • Easy to find whereabouts of all gages/assets on shop floor

Contact Sales ( for these Add Ons


For desktop installations there is a single, one-time licensing fee per installation. Plant level license comes with unlimited installations. Maintenance agreements are free for the first year and are completely optional thereafter.

Data Import

Our service team would help you in importing data from other software into MetEQ Gage. Data maintained by hand need to be entered by hand.

Document Attachments

You can attach images, documents, certificates with your gage/asset with ease.