Preventive Maintenance Software

Complete system for scheduled and unscheduled equipment maintenance, Track records of all maintenance activities, keep track of all your equipment and their whereabout

Key Benefits

Practical information is recorded during the initial equipment set up process.

  • Interval or meter count between preventive maintenance activities
  • Picture of equipment
  • Spare parts required
  • Instructions on how to maintain the equipment
  • Custom fields that are user defined
  • The due dates for equipment maintenance can skip user-identified periods

Major Features


The criteria for identifying the equipment to be included in the selected report are user determined. Filtering and ordering the report can be based on:

  • Date range or overdue
  • Equipment ID, Category, Location
  • User defined fields

Equipment Maintenance Reports:

  • Work order with maintenance instructions
  • Equipment due for maintenance list
  • Calendar highlighting scheduled maintenance days
  • Equipment Maintenance History
  • Maintenance efficiency analysis
  • Spare parts inventory
Multi language support

Additional Features

Other useful features include:

  • Password protection at the system and user levels
  • Language / terminology for each field can be user altered
  • E-Mail reports
  • Export reports to external files (word processor, spreadsheet etc.)

Software Overview

Add/Edit Equipment Detail
Picture of Equipment
Find Spare Parts
Equipment Detail Report
Equipment Due Calendar
Equipment Work Order

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