Preventive Maintenance Software Tutorials


Software Installation & Setting up Demo Data

  • Software installation
  • Inserting demo data in the software 


Setting up a New Equipment

  • Adding a new equipment
  • Scheduling equipment maintenance
  • Adding instructions or a global instruction for maintenance
  • Adding picture and spare parts needed

Adding a sub-system to an equipment

  • Adding a sub-system [ electrical, mechanical etc ]
  • Giving a separate instruction and maintenance interval

Record A Maintenance Activity

  • Type of maintenance activity [Preventive, Unscheduled]
  • Description of the activity
    Technician details
    Labor costs, idle time, parts

Creating an Unscheduled work order

  • Work order details
  • Date, Instructions & Technician name etc

Unscheduled Work order list

  • Filter reports
  • Reports for a specific date range

Unscheduled Transaction

  • Unscheduled transaction details [Date, Technician name, Idle time & reason]
  • Downtime list, Repair Instruction
  • Parts

Reports - Part 1

  • Report filters
  • Due reports
  • Work order report
  • Equipment list

Reports - Part 2

  • Equipment history
  • Cost / Time analysis
  • Efficiency report
  • Reason analysis
  • Spare parts inventory and re-ordering

Adding a New Equipment

  • Adding a new equipment from start
  • Scheduling equipment maintenance 

Adding a Supplier

  • Adding a new supplier
  • Adding supplier contact details

Adding Spare Parts

  • Adding spare parts for maintenance activities
  • Linking spare parts to different suppliers 

Equipment Copy Paste

  • Copying similar equipment details for faster setup