Adding a Product

  • Product ID and description
  • Product characteristics (Length, Width, Diameter etc.)
  • Upper spec, Lower spec
  • Various types of charts (Xbar/R, Xbar/Sigma,
  • Moving average/ Moving Range)
  • Subgroup size, Control limits
  • Procedure for measurement
  • Picture of equipment
  • Equation for characteristics
  • Custom fields setup (Time, Shift, and Operator)
  • Adding user defined defects

Data Entry

  • Data entry with real time control chart
  • Action to be taken in case of value fluctuations
  • Time, Date, Name of operator etc.
  • Power entry (Spreadsheet import/ Export)
  • Attribute data entry (For sampling, type of defects etc.)


  • Report filtering options (Date, shift, operator etc.)
    Control Chart
  • Blank control chart (for manual entry)
  • Capability Analysis
  • Data table
  • Capability summary