Measurement Data Collection

First Step to I4.0

One click access to all quality data from various systems

Providing the Key SPC charts, Calculations and Reports

The system powerful enough to fulfill the needs of the quality specialist, yet simple enough to be used by operators on the shop floor


  • Data entry while viewing the control chart in real time
  • Provides key SPC charts and calculations
  • Engineering specifications for each characteristic measured
  • Picture of each characteristic measured
  • Procedure on how to measure characteristic
  • Settings to capture data from external measurement tools
  • Custom fields that are user defined
  • Multi language support


  • Control charts (XBar/R, X/MR, MA/MR and XBar/Sigma)
  • Capability analysis with histogram
  • Cpk summary report for different products
  • Pareto analysis of defects
  • Excel import/export data
  • E-Mail report as pdf file attachment


  • Password protection for the system
  • Language or terminology considerations for screens and reports

Software Overview

Real Time Data Collection
Power Spreadsheet Entry
Control Chart
Process Capability Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Data Table

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