QC Calc Real Time

Measurement data collection software from CMM and Gauges

Automate your measurement data collection process with our robust data collection modules

Collect data directly from CMM, Vision CMM and Hand gauges, without any human intervention. Data comes directly from your measuring instruments into our data collection modules, which is further exported into your reports, with just a few clicks. It is that simple.

QC Calc Real time is a robust data collection software. It can read CMM data as it supports over 200+ machines. It can read Gauge data as well, when combined with “Gagestation”. Have a look at our product family below for more understanding.

QC Calc Realtime

Collect data directly from CMMs and Vision systems, making your measurement data collection process error free and seamless. After that you can simply export the data into your reports with Office buddy integration.


  • Supported by over 200+ CMMs like Ziess, Werth, Hexagon and many more
  • Real-time control charts, Range chart etc
  • True position plots with Bonus tolerance
  • Automatically calculates Cpk, Cp, Mean, Control limits etc
  • Multliple reports like Raw data, Plot summary, First Article etc
  • Gauge R & R study


Collect data directly from your hand-held gauges like vernier, screw gauge etc. The measurement data automatically gets saved and QC Calc Realtime automatically reads the file for further calculations.


  • Supports almost every Gauge manufacturer
  • QC Calc Realtime comes as an add-on, with same features, but the source of data being hand gauges this time instead of CMM
  • Run multiple spec-plans
  • Add pictures of parts and characteristics
  • Barcode integration
  • Manual data entry [optional]


It helps you analyze your data collected from QC Calc Realtime or Gagestation. It comes with a wide variety of SPC reports that helps you monitor and understand how your production line is working.


  • Multiple reports like Moving average & Range, Pareto analysis, Xbar & Sigma etc.
  • Connected database to give you updated information of shop floor from your office.

Office buddy

It helps you integrate with Minitab, JMP and MS Excel to run reports by using the data collected by our data collection modules, i.e. QC Calc Realtime or Gagestation.


  • Directly export data into your First article reports, with a few clicks.
  • Get Part Variability, Repeatability, Reproducibility, and Total GR&R statistics as values in your Excel report.