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Regular replacement of styli used on your CMM is essential. While these products are very rugged, they do have a useful life, and must be replaced after long use periods, or after being dropped, crashed or mis-handled. When in doubt, always replace.

Widest selection for CMM styli and accessories, Machine Centers and Gear Checking. Ranging from M2 to M8, ruby to carbide, titanium to carbon fiber, we supply them all.

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A stylus or styli is the “tip” attached to a probe on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). A traditional CMM machine or a portable measuring arm which makes physical contact with the component which is to be measured, needs stylus.

The results of your measurements can easily be compromised if a stylus with poor ball roundness, poor ball location, bad thread fit or a poor design used. This is due to excessive bending during measurement. Most of these factors are difficult to notice with the naked eye.

We offer high quality stylus products from reputable brands with the high standards of design and quality control with unmatched service.