Uncertainity of Measurement | GUM Workbench Professional Version 2.4

The GUM Workbench is based on the “DIN/ISO/BIPM Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” and implements a systematic way to analyze an uncertainty problem for single and multiple results.

GUM Workbench has a rich set of functions to describe measurement models and budgets. The structured graphical user interface (Windows) is easy to use and supports easy navigation between the different parts of evaluation to analyze the relevant influences. The extension GUMCAD supports the intuitive development of measurement models using process diagrams.

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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and NT-based servers
User defined model equation
512 input / output quantities
User defined functions
Automatic documentation and report function
Import observation data
Correlation analysis for observations (Type A)
Greek letters and symbols
Trigonometrical and other functions
Change quantity order
Import from existing budget files (SMU files)
Import from MS-Excel
Management of imported files
Export as text, HTML and Rich Text Format
Evaluation templates
Export to MS-Excel
Experts interface
Embedding of pictures and graphics
Algebraic partial derivatives
Unit validation
Monte Carlo simulation
Validation of the correlation matrix
Multiple result quantities
Diagrams based on calculated data
OLE automation interface

Software Overview

Model view - model equation
Model view - quantity data
Model view - partial derivatives
Observation view
Correlation view
Budget view
Result of a Monte Carlo simulation
Diagram with multiple results

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